New to Psychedelics?

If you are brand new to the psychedelic world, you may be excited, full of anticipation, or simply curious. Maybe you hope to address mental health issues, find physical healing, bring about a spiritual transformation, or just learn more. Whatever your goal might be, you are stepping onto a path that has been walked by many others.

Psychedelics have been a potent agent of change for millions of people around the world. Knowing exactly where to start on your personal journey, however, can be overwhelming.

Research and education are key components of any psychedelic journey. To learn more about the different psychedelic substances, check out our basic info guides, along with science and safety tips for each substance. You can also check out our psychedelic safety guides, including the challenges of a psychedelic journey and guide if trip Triping Solo?

Are you looking for more information about psychedelic retreats? Visit our directory to read first-hand reviews and testimonials from the psychedelic community. You can also find tips in Guide How to Choose a Psychedelic Retreat.

Interested in delving into the benefits of psychedelic therapy? Read more about what psychedelic therapy is and where to find it.

Curious about what is happening in the world of science and psychedelic research? Find out more about where psychedelic research is happening and what the latest trends are.

Entheogen-assisted Healing

Taking entheogens can be like air travel: people do it all the time, it’s usually fine, but when it’s not fine, it’s sometimes very bad. We’ve been there. And that’s where an experienced guide can make the difference in the outcome.

Interested in how to integrate what you learn in your journey? Ask for our Integration Guide PDF booklet.

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