Psychedelic Use Statistics

With scientific progress marching on and psychedelic use among adults exploding, the need for creating infrastructure and delivering safe and legal access is already upon us.

Recently published data from the annual Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) found that in 2022, 8% of individuals aged 19-30 reported using hallucinogenic substances in the past year, marking a notable growth rate of nearly 100% from five years ago.

The growth was even more pronounced for adults aged 35-50: 4% reported psychedelic use in the past year, a 100% increase from 2021—a 300% increase from five years ago.

This rise is directly related to the promising scientific findings published in the last 20 years that are now gaining increasing media attention.

Today’s explorers need comprehensive education about the benefits, risks, and potential long-term effects of psychedelic experiences.

But the most critical pieces of infrastructure are dedicated spaces, such as retreat centers, clinics, and research institutions, and skilled personnel to guide and support these explorations.

Today’s surge in mystical exploration demands an ecosystem that includes well-informed infrastructure, public awareness, and professional training.

Investing in these areas is vital for safely navigating the uncharted territories of psychedelic exploration.

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