What We Know (and Don’t) About Magic Mushroom Paralysis

People are coming down with a condition known as ‘wood-lovers paralysis’ after eating certain species of shrooms—and scientists don’t know why.

Anecdotally, the issue seems most widespread in Australia, so we spoke with several users from the states of New South Wales and Victoria who’ve experienced this anomalous condition. All of them, understandably, wished to remain anonymous.

“I peed my bed while I was completely paralyzed,” recalls one user.

“My legs were buckling under me—it was honestly like The Wolf of Wall Street when he is trying to drive that car,” says another.

A third user, who was alone on a bushwalk when the effects kicked in, recalls that “at first I was sort of laughing thinking it was a bit funny—but it advanced really quickly, within a couple of minutes, and I struggled to stay on my feet. I was struggling to hold a phone and even hold my head up at times”. In that case, the person called their wife and was promptly taken to hospital.

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