Interested in learning about psychedelic research internship?
We are always looking for interns to help us build and maintain the EntheoMedicine’s projects and programs. Working as an intern is meaningful; interns’ work contributes directly to psychedelic research and education and ultimately helps establish safe and legal spaces for the psychedelic experience. Further, interns may be given opportunities to meet important authors, researchers, and therapists from the fields of psychedelic science, consciousness research, neuroscience, prevention and therapy.

Our Community

Have you had entheogenic or psychedelic experiences that you want to discuss? Please connect with out  community of fellow explorers, as we each lend an ear and reflect on the extraordinary nature of transpersonal experiences. The purpose of this community is to:

  • Provide ever-greater awareness to the general public of the spiritual and science-based therapeutic potential of these substances when used in appropriate ceremonial or clinical settings;
  • Remove the stigma from the ceremonial and clinical use of these substances by continually demonstrating evidenced-based results; and
  • Facilitate training for licensed clinicians and therapists to help those who journey to integrate their experience for the greatest benefit.

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