Psychedelic in Washington

Decriminalization of psychedelic in Washington.

Washington’s drug laws are relatively progressive. This may be obvious to some, as the Evergreen State was the first to legalize recreational cannabis.

However, getting to know their current laws can prove challenging, as authorities continue to make changes monthly.

Psychedelic use in Washington

  • Psychedelics have been decriminalized in Seattle & Port Townsend.
  • Cannabis is legal both for recreational and medicinal use.
  • Delta 8 THC is illegal, but delta 10 is permitted.

Upcoming legislation:
Port Townsend becomes the newest Washington municipality to decriminalize psychedelics
Washington state regulators are considering decriminalizing psilocybin

Psychedelic Societies in Washington

Cascadia Psychedelic Community (Seattle, Washington)

Seattle Mind Travelers (Seattle, Washington)

Port Townsend Psychedelic Society (Port Townsend, Washington)

Seattle Psychedelic Society (Seattle, Washington)





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