Psychedelic in California

Decriminalization of psychedelic in California

What are the laws and regulations for magic mushrooms, LSD, MDMA, ketamine, and more in the state of California?

  • The summary of psychedelics in the State of California
  • California will vote to decriminalize psychedelics in 2022 (SB519).
  • Natural psychedelics (including magic mushrooms) decriminalized in Oakland, Santa Cruz, and Arcata (most recent).
  • Cannabis legal for both recreational & medical use in California.
  • Delta 8 and delta 10 THC are also legal in California.

Psychedelic Societies in California

LAMPS: Los Angeles Medicinal Psychedelics Society

Psychedelic Club of Sacramento

Santa Cruz Psychedelic Society

San Francisco Psychedelic Society

PsychedeLiA Integration (Los Angeles, CA)

Aware Project: San Diego Psychedelic Society (San Diego, CA)

Tam Integration (San Rafael, CA)

Monterey Psychedelic Society (Monterey, CA)

Aware Project: Los Angeles Psychedelic Society – Meetup (Venice, CA)

ERIE – Entheogenic Research, Integration and Education (Oakland, CA)

Psychedelic Club of UCSB (Santa Barbara, CA)

Psychedelic Club of San Mateo (San Mateo,CA)

West Sacramento Psychedelic Community (Sacramento, CA)

Psychedelic Science at Berkeley (Berkeley , CA)

Berkeley Entheogenic Society (Berkeley, CA)

Jewish Entheogenic Society (Berkeley, CA)

Stanford Psychedelic Science Group (Stanford, CA)

Psychedelic Club of Cal Poly Pomona (Pomona, CA)

San Diego Psychedelic Society (San Diego, CA)

East Bay Psychedelic Healing Collective (Berkeley, CA)

Humboldt Psychedelic Society (Arcata, CA)

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