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The Great Mystery: Entheogens, Consciousness and Awakening

Rak Razam examines the connections between human consciousness, entheogenic medicines and planetary intelligence. Is the ego a reducing valve for Gaian mind and are the plants healing and cleansing to reveal that WE are are the medicine? Is human ‘awakening’ part of a larger evolution emerging from the global emergency?

  • Learn about the indigenous perception of time and world ages
  • Understand how the planet secretes entheogenic plants to re-enage humans
  • Discover the potential within us all that cultures ancient and new have mapped and how the shamanic experience is nurturing it

Rak Razam is the world’s leading ‘experiential’ journalist, writing about and helping shape the emergence of a new cultural paradigm in the 21st century. A writer, film producer and culture maker, he bridges the worlds of shamanism, consciousness and popular culture.
He is currently producer and host of an episodic TV show called Shamans of the Global Village with director Niles Heckman.

A prolific media maker and networker, he hosts a popular podcast show In a Perfect World.
Author of the critically acclaimed book Aya Awakenings: A Shamanic Odyssey and the companion volume of interviews, The Ayahuasca Sessions, he is a frequent lecturer on ayahuasca and the shamanic revival sweeping the West. He wrote, produced and co-directed the groundbreaking visionary documentary Aya: Awakenings (www.aya-awakenings.com) and he leads ayahuasca retreats in Peru

He has been hosting dynamic speaking engagements, panel facilitation and lectures across Australia and North America at conferences, transformational festivals and other events for the past five years, weaving together the New Age, counter-culture and progressive thought. He has been called one of the “leading spokespersons for the new paradigm”.
Rak Razam is available for interviews and can be contacted via his website: www.rakrazam.com

KTLA5 TV (May 29, 2017) in LA ran a positive story on ayahuasca that Razam was interviewed for, that also sampled some choice footage from the Aya: Awakenings film.
LA WEEKLY (Feb 12, 2014): The new film Aya: Awakenings goes inside the world of ayahuasca, exploring the shamanic resurgence and ayahuasca movement in Peru and around the world.
THE SANTA CRUZ GOOD TIMES newspaper writes (Feb 6, 2014):  “Razam’s uncanny experiences in the Amazon are chronicled in his stunning documentary movie Aya: Awakenings, a companion piece to the book of the same name.”


After the Ceremony: Therapeutic Potential of Ayahuasca

Rachel Harris, PhD is a Psychologist with both a research and a clinical background. She was in the 1968 Residential Program at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA and remained on the staff for a number of years. During the decade she worked in academic research, Rachel received a New Investigator’s Award from the National Institutes of Health and published over forty scientific studies in peer-reviewed journals. She also worked as a psychological consultant to Fortune 500 companies including the UN. Rachel was in private psychotherapy practice for thirty-five years specializing in people interested in psychospiritual development. Rachel is the author of Listening to Ayahuasca: New Hope for Depression, Addiction, PTSD, and Anxiety. Visit Rachel at her website,

Psychedelic research is revealing exciting ways that these medicines foster psychospiritual healing. Ayahuasca seems to be specifically therapeutic in terms of a personal relationship with the plant spirit, relief of addictive cravings and depression, processing of traumatic memories, and mystical shifts in worldview. The challenge is: How to integrate these experiences into everyday life.
Points covered in talk:

  • What integration means therapeutically
  • How secure attachment relationship with spirit of ayahuasca can be healing
  • What a discernment process includes Safety tips
  • Parallel processes of ayahuasca and psychotherapy

Author of Listening to Ayahuasca: New Hope for Depression, Addiction, PTSD, and Anxiety.

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EntheoMedicine Event