Psychedelics and Entheogens - Preparation, Integration and Transformation

Four-Hour Workshop - Saturday, June 1st 2019 UNITY OF SANTA BARBARA (227 E Arrellaga St)

A four-hour workshop about using entheogenic and psychedelic substances as safely and effectively as possible.

The workshop is designed to help you prepare for and integrate your psychedelic and Entheogenic experiences in a manner that will keep you safe and provide the greatest opportunity for healing, spiritual growth and transformation.

DISCLAIMER: EntheoMedicine DOES NOT advocate the use of any illegal substances. However if you are going to use them anyway, learn how to use them safely and well. This workshop is for informational purposes only.

Preparing For the Journey – PART 1

During this part of the workshop, Psychedelic expert and scion Zach Leary, will share his in-depth knowledge and experience about each of the major Psychedelics and Entheogens. These include 5-Meo-DMT, Psilocybin, LSD, Ayahuasca, Peyote and Ibogaine, their uses and likely experiences had with each, and appropriate preparation and safety precautions.

By the end of this part of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Identify the main Entheogens and the unique ways each can heal emotional trauma and aid in spiritual growth.
  • Create the ideal Set, Setting and Intention prior to taking each Psychedelic.
  • Determine the ideal ceremonial setting for each Psychedelic.
  • Identify Pharmaceuticals and foods to avoid prior to taking specific Psychedelics.
  • Consistently have safe, productive and healing journeys.

Zach Leary is the host of both the “It’s All Happening with Zach Leary” podcast and “The MAPS Podcast.” These shows have carved out a place for Zach that has him down as one of the most thought provoking, intelligent and insightful podcasters in the medium. His passion for encouraging the growth of the spiritual heart within the self stems from his background as a practitioner of Bhakti Yoga.

At the core of all of Zach’s work is the belief that we have been fused together by the collective adoption of technology to expand our species imagination with our ongoing thirst for spirituality and mysticism to define the very nature of who we are.

MAPS Podcast

Integration and Transformation – PART 2

During this part of the workshop, Psychedelic Integration expert and coach Tricia Eastman, will share how to fully integrate Psychedelic and Entheogenic peak experiences within a transformational framework that will support you in grounding and staying centered in your heart. She will help you look at your life holistically, incorporating powerful shamanic tools; self-optimization recommendations and exercises to accelerate you towards your vision for your life.

By the end of this part of the workshop you will be able to (assuming the proper use of Psychedelics and Entheogens):

  • Deconstruct the patterns of self-sabotage and addictions that prevent you from getting what you truly love.
  • Connect to what is most meaningful and aligned with your heart.
  • Feel the distinct differences between being in flow and thinking, trying, or pushing through life.
  • Be guided on how to use intuition as a tool to align with your heart and soul.
  • Understand how to use guided shamanic journey to reclaim part of yourself that you have become disconnected due to trauma.

Tricia is a pioneer in the psychedelic renaissance, integrating ancestral technologies with modern protocols designed to address the ailments of the”western mind”. As a medicine woman, she curates retreats in countries where use is legal working 5-MeO-DMT, from the Sonoran Desert Toad and Iboga. She has been initiated into Bwiti traditions of Mboumba Eyano and received training in the Missoko tradition, as well as facilitated the psychospiritual iboga program for Crossroads Treatment Center in Mexico.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This community is being designed as a secure space. It is not a place to seek, encourage, or participate in the procurement of controlled substances. Do not bring, buy, sell, transfer, or arrive on any illegal substances, or swap information on how to buy them. Members who violate these basic house rules will be removed from the community and will not be allowed to attend future events.

EntheoMedicine Event

EntheoMedicine Event