Psychedelic Integration is primarily a process by which individuals can make sense of, learn from and utilize the material they encountered in their own psychedelic experience – regardless of which psychedelic they used, when they used it or why they used it. It is important to state here that the ‘integration’ process following a psychedelic experience is often more fruitful when ‘preparation’ for the experience has been carried out in advance.

DISCLAIMER: This website is a response to all that is emerging out of the amazing research into psychedelic-assisted, and MDMA-assisted psychotherapy, which has been until recently ‘quietly’ happening in many countries around the world over the last decade or more. Thus, supporting our belief that this website is a justifiable response to the prohibition of certain drugs that is increasing the potential for risk and harm to people who use illicit substances to manage their physical, psychological and emotional pain.

The leading organizations carrying out this research have been, and still are, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, in the USA ( ); The Beckley Foundation ( ), UK; Imperial College London, UK ( ); The Heffter Research Institute, USA ( ).

Entheogen-assisted Healing

Taking entheogens can be like air travel: people do it all the time, it’s usually fine, but when it’s not fine, it’s sometimes very bad. We’ve been there. And that’s where an experienced guide can make the difference in the outcome.

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Psychedelic integration in Santa Barbara

Psychedelic integration in Santa Barbara