Why do psychedelic treatments matter to your mental health and wellbeing?

Here, we discover the impact and importance of psychedelic medicine through the eyes of Amanda Feilding, Director of The Beckley Foundation
For over 20 years, Amanda Feilding has been among the vanguard driving forward the scientific investigation of the medicinal benefits of psychedelic compounds. As the Director of the Beckley Foundation, she has collaborated with a diverse range of world-leading researchers to generate high-impact research into the neuroscience, pharmacology and therapeutic applications of psychedelics such as LSD, psilocybin and DMT.

Amanda and her constellation of collaborators are continuing to broaden the scope of psychedelic medicine. Here, we introduce the new research programme she has been developing over the past three years, with a focus on discovering how psychedelic-assisted therapies might not only help some of the most serious and intractable health issues burdening our society, but also improve how we age and – ultimately – how we die.

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Entheogen-assisted Healing

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