How Medical Science Grapples with Psychedelic Plants like Ayahuasca and Ibogaine?

Thank you again for speaking with us, Professor Nutt. What current research and frontiers are you exploring at Imperial College London?

Well, I’m very excited about three things. One is that we’ve just finished the first MDMA and alcoholism study—a safety, tolerability and feasibility study given to alcoholics to see if MDMA could help them overcome the traumas that lead them to drinking. We used exactly the MAPS protocol: 2 x 125mg doses 2 weeks apart. It was well-tolerated, considering these are often very physically sick people, and the MDMA didn’t show any unwanted effects. A significant number stopped drinking completely, so it was a very positive outcome—safe and effective, looking way better than conventional talk therapy. So we’re writing that up now.

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