We Don’t Know, But It’s Already Been Patented. In 2001, alternative medicine proponent and doctor Andrew Weil told a CBS journalist that taking LSD cured his lifelong cat allergy. “I was in a wonderful outdoor setting,” Weil said. “I felt terrific and, in the midst of this, a cat came up to me and crawled into my lap. I did not have an allergic reaction to it and I never did since.”

In the 20 years since, there have been no research studies in humans showing that LSD can treat allergies of any kind, and yet a patent application for using LSD to treat food allergies has just been granted, as first reported on Twitter by patent lawyer Graham Pechenik. A granted patent gives the applicant ownership of the claims stated in it. In this case, the first claim is for “A method of treating a food allergy condition in a subject in need thereof, the method comprising administering to the subject an amount of a lysergamide psychedelic agent effective to treat the subject for the food allergy condition.”

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