Contrasting THE DIVINE SELF and THE EGO SELF By Rick Dolwig

 Love Fear 
The source of all Joy The source of all Suffering 
Open Closed – expectations
In the present moment In the past or future 
Trusting of life Resisting of life
About letting go About holding on
In a state of awe In a state of awful
Open to all possibilities Open only to limited possibilities
Relaxed and Calm Stressed and Anxious
ONE with All SEPARATE from All
About being About doing
Who I really am, was, and will be An illusion, a delusion, a false concept of self
Authentic Fake
Accepting Judging
Eternal Mortal
About Abundance About Lack
We Me
About Feeling good About Feeling bad
Infinite Limited
Willing to be wrong Always has to be right
The Conscious Creator of everything The Unconscious Creator of everything

YOUR CHOICE!!!  . . . in each and every moment!!

Entheogen-assisted Healing

Taking entheogens can be like air travel: people do it all the time, it’s usually fine, but when it’s not fine, it’s sometimes very bad. We’ve been there. And that’s where an experienced GUIDE can make the difference in the outcome.
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