Santa Cruz Is Decriminalizing Magic Mushrooms

It’s the latest victory for psychedelic-reform advocates in the U.S.

On Tuesday night, the Santa Cruz City Council unanimously voted to decriminalize a wide range of psychedelics. The resolution would make “the personal use and personal possession of Entheogenic Plants and Fungi,” like magic mushrooms and ayahuasca, one of the lowest priorities for police in the city.

Justin Cummings, the city’s mayor, initially pushed the Santa Cruz legislation when he was still the Democratic vice mayor.

Scattered movements to decriminalize magic mushrooms and other psychedelic substances have proven successful in recent years as public perception of these drugs has shifted. Even presidential contenders, such as Andrew Yang, have cited their therapeutic and medical benefits in treating things like post-traumatic stress disorder, drug addiction, and depression. Last September, Johns Hopkins University in Maryland opened up a dedicated center to psychedelic research. Massive donors—notably the Dr. Bronner’s soap guyare pumping more and more money into the cause, too.

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