Psychedelic Treatments for Cluster Headaches

Most of the time when we think about how psychedelics can help people, we think about how these medicines can assist with spiritual growth and the treatment of mental afflictions like PTSD and anxiety, or how they help people with addictions to more harmful drugs like alcohol, tobacco, and heroin regain control of their lives. However, a lesser-known benefit of psychedelics is that they can also help relieve physical pain. In fact, one of the more interesting therapeutic applications of psychedelics like LSD and psilocybin mushrooms is their ability to help sufferers of the phenomenon known as cluster headaches.

There has not been a tremendous amount of research conducted in this area, but many people have reported that their battle with cluster headaches has been greatly helped by the use of psychedelics. Some of them approached psychedelics with premeditated intention to address their cluster headaches, whereas others pleasantly—and perhaps serendipitously—stumbled across the benefits by recreational experimentation.

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