How Cannabis Helps People with Peripheral Neuropathy Manage Pain and Get Back on Their Feet

I was recently reading through the comment section on a University of Glasgow study that indicated that cannabis can help people manage pain from peripheral neuropathy, a type of nerve damage that causes pain in the extremities of the body, and I saw some interesting stories.

One man shared his experience using the diabetes medication Lyrica — he noted that it made him feel numb, and that he had lost all sensation in his body after taking it. Another man with idiopathic neuropathy, who’d been managing pain in his calves and feet for over twenty years, had been prescribed Lyrica for ten of them. While he had already decreased his dosage in the recent years with the help of a MedTronics unit, he wanted to stop the medication completely because of its side effects and so was interested in other options. Another woman explained that she just didn’t want to take prescription pain medication because she was worried about getting addicted.


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