Magic Mushrooms Are Legal in New Mexico: How ‘Bout That?

Since ’05, the state has played host to many a legal trip. Santa Fe author and shroom enthusiast Bett Williams breaks it down.

The fervent popularity of Breaking Bad has associated New Mexico with a very specific drug. But despite now ubiquitous blue “meth” candy, the Land of Enchantment has another provocative substance relationship. See, in 2005, the New Mexico Court of Appeals decided that growing hallucinogenic mushrooms wasn’t illegal. To put it another way: You can totally grow boomers in Albuquerque, brah. I caught up with Bett Williams, author, mushroom enthusiast, Santa Fe resident, and generally hip lady to find out just what the hell is going on there.

I found Ms. Williams when I read her Santa Fe Reporter article on books ‘n’ psilocybin mushrooms. (Psilocybin is the active psychedelic compound found in more than 200 kinds of shrooms. It makes you trip.) She caught me up with the legality of the fungi, which — like marijuana that’s been given the go-ahead by individual states — is still a Schedule I narcotic, per to the feds. “They’re legal to grow, they’re legal to eat the fruits that you pull directly off the cakes, but you’re not allowed to have dried mushrooms,” Williams says. “These are important distinctions to make. There are different ways people deal with that.”  More>>

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