Motives and side-effects of microdosing with psychedelics among users

In total, 1116 of the respondents were either currently microdosing (79.5%) or microdosed in the past (20.5%). LSD (10 mcg) and psilocybin (0.5 g) were the most commonly used psychedelics with a microdosing frequency between two-to-four times a week. The majority of users however were oblivious about the consumed dose. Performance enhancement was the main motive to microdose (37%). The most reported negative effects were of psychological nature and occurred acutely, while under the influence. In line with media reports and anecdotes, the majority of our respondents microdosed in order to enhance performance. Negative effects occurred mostly acutely, after substance consumption. However, the main reason to have stopped microdosing was that it was not effective. Future experimental placebo-controlled studies are needed to test whether performance enhancement can be quantified and to assess potential negative effects after longer-term microdosing.

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