Examining the acute subjective and persisting effects occasioned by N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT): A latent class analysis

A 3-class model fit best and included low attributions of meaning, spiritual significance, challenge, and insight, (“Low” n=294), High meaning and spiritual significance, and Low challenge and insight, (“High/Low” n=356) and High meaning, spiritual significance, psychological challenge, and insight (“High” n=1333). Compared to the High/Low and Low classes, the High class reported greater intensity, clarity, and salience of their entity encounter, and significantly larger proportions reported communication with the entity, receiving a message or prediction about the future, positive emotional reactions, and described the entity as a spirit, guide, helper, or angel. Larger proportions in the High class reported that the entity had agency in the world, and was sacred, intelligent, conscious, positively judgmental, and benevolent. They also reported greater positive changes in life-satisfaction and well-being, sense of life’s purpose/meaning in life, and changes in social relationships, attitudes about self/life/death, their mood, and how spiritual they are. The multinomial logistic regression showed that those in the High and High/Low classes (Low was referent) had greater odds of reporting positive changes in how spiritual they are and their attitudes about death, and reporting that the encounter led to a change in their life’s purpose and altered their fundamental conception of reality. Those who reported their entity encounter to be one of the most meaningful, challenging, spiritual, and insightful experiences of their lives reported more salient and positive acute experiences and more reported that these encounters contributed to positive persisting changes in their lives. Future prospective studies of DMT are needed to ascertain causal links between these encounter experiences and persisting positive psychological and behavioral changes.

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