Entheogenic Liberation By Rick D.

Unraveling the Enigma of Nonduality with 5-MEO-DMT Energetic Therapy

This book is full of tons of facts, details, and specific information and answers all the many questions one would have upon embarking on this journey.  This outline is concerned only with the big picture concepts, thoughts, and insights that relate to the journey.  Martin has such a wonderful way with words that I wanted to pull them together in a way that made more sense to me. All the words are his.      (Entheogenic = the experience of the God within)   (God = the largest, broadest, most inclusive and loving concept of reality you can imagine)


I am writing this book to help you set yourself Free – to be authentically who you really are in each moment

My aim is to produce clarity, and in doing so, I am uncompromising

I will not play nice and try to validate your ego illusions – that is not helpful to genuine liberation

It may be trendy to say things like “all religions point to the same ultimate truth”, or that “all spiritual paths are equally valid and genuine”, but that is appeasement.

Reality does not care what you think or believe or what you want to be true

Real liberation means freedom from all forms of illusion – religious or spiritual

It means deconstructing the walls of illusion that everyone builds around their fragile human heart – –  so that they can live in the profound freedom of the heart of God, which is what the human heart really is

That heart is resilient, open, vibrant, and raging in the energy of eternal and uncompromising love

Genuine Liberation is all about learning how to live with a free, open, unguarded, and universally loving heart

It is about learning how to be right here, right now, centered, present, free, and open.

It is about learning to transcend the illusory confines of the ego and simply live in reality as it is, without illusion, attachment, and the need for identity

It is so simple – – only the ego makes it hard

All human struggle is directly connected to our pathological and destructive attachments to our identity and ego – both individually and collectively

War, hate, politics, separation, racism, religious violence & intolerance

It is about seeing myself in everything and everyone – loving myself in all my forms

Opening my heart and loving infinitely with no conditions, no attachments

Letting me be myself and be free

It is not about adopting the right way of thinking, or the correct way of acting, or following any particular ideology or doctrine

It is not about drifting off into the ethers, ascending to a higher plane of existence, or merging with the infinite in some disembodied state

It is not about understanding each other or being tolerant of each other

It is time to get real in a real world

I am God in a body

It’s time to stop fucking around and start acting like it

Time to take responsibility for who and what I truly am, and stop looking to imaginary realities to save me from myself

This is the only way out of this ego driven mess

This book is about –

How to go about the process of radically deconstructing my illusory self and finding genuine freedom

I must be committed to truth, to love, and to freedom

If so, this book will fundamentally transform my identity from illusion to truth

It will profoundly alter my life and my direct experience of being in this world

Reality – the discovery of the infinite reality of God that lies beneath the façade of individuality and separation

The deconstruction of the illusory self – the Ego

A practical guide to learning how to be free and live with an open, unguarded, universally loving heart

Humans are ready for this next stage of their evolution and development

The ego brought us here – now it is time to move beyond the ego

Time to go beyond being God Toddlers to being God Adults

How psychedelic compounds may be used to liberate me from the confines of my ego

Their use for liberation is specific and methodical

An intentionally-directed process of increasing self-awareness and the development of

genuine self-responsibility

These compounds alter my brain chemistry such that I am able to work directly on the ego,

amplify its patterns, bring unconscious patterns and actions into awareness, simultaneously

release backlogs of suppressed energy from the bio-physical-mental-emotional system that is me

          Nondual Energy Therapy  –

Utilizes the energetic tools of psychedelics

A form of lasting liberation and personal transformation that frees me from the restraining and persistent confines of the energetic structures of the ego

The Goal –

To learn how to be flexible, fluid, and authentically going with the continual flux and flow of the energetic matrix of reality in a way that is genuine, honest, and fully present

It is about continual change and relaxing into this ongoing flow we experience as reality

It is about learning how to love myself without limits or conditions

It is not about permanent bliss or total ego obliteration

It is a process and results from careful and ongoing work of self-observation and expression

The real work is learning how to be present with reality, no matter how it presents itself

Every human being is a full-spectrum reality-experiencing vehicle for the unitary consciousness

It is about a process of reformatting myself energetically – like a computer

Learning how to authentically be how I actually am and allowing myself to feel what I feel, regardless of what I think about it

I will have found my immovable center and will never be thrown off balance again

I become a master of the real, not the imagined

The work being proposed – getting all the way out of the dualistic levels of being

To reach a point of certainty about the nondual nature of all of it

To recognize that all our dualistic experiences are plays of illusion and appearances

Who am I?

I am God embodied in human form

I am the ONE universal consciousness that is all of reality experiencing itself from the perspective

of a human vehicle

One of billions of vehicles through which this universal intelligence experiences itself

The paradox that I must balance –

I am an individual, living embodiment of universal intelligence AND a being that is God

I must be authentic and genuine – without internal censoring, editing, or criticism

I must be me and be free

Am I ready?  Am I brave enough to set myself free?

To allow the energy that I truly am and always have been and always will be to flow through the

vehicle of my body and my life in a way that is literally unimaginable and inconceivable to my

Imprisoned self?  To love without limits?  To set my heart free?  To die for this freedom?

Only I can set myself free

What is it that I have spent my life looking for?

To experience God, to experience myself as God, to know myself as God, to know everyone as God

To be immersed in God’s boundless ocean of infinite love and awareness that is timeless, eternal, and without boundaries

It is simultaneously empty and full of all potential

It is who I really am – the very energy of reality and all being.  I am life

Total Freedom

The role of the EGO

The Prison – I am the prisoner, the prison, and the guard – I created it all, consciously or unconsciously

If so, then I can uncreate it

The Tool – one that allows for social interaction and communication

It cannot be killed or permanently removed

It can be transcended on a temporary basis

Living as a human means living with an ego

What is the EGO?

A collection of energy patterns that, when functioning together, create the image/illusion

of a separate individual self

A very sophisticated mask – used to create an illusion of selfhood and individuality

It allows me to perceive and experience myself as a unique individual inhabiting and experiencing the world that is not-self, as such it ultimately and effectively masks my true universal identity

At a fundamental level, the ego is a duality-creator

We created our egos by making choices about who we are as we grow up resulting in our egos, and then our egos interplay with other fully developed egos in a game we call life.  We think our ego is who we are and forget that it is all a game because we are so fully immersed in it.  Also, because we are not aware of other possible choices – until we experience our own divinity and our oneness with all.  (p. 134)

The Key – the more I get to know and experience myself as God and the vehicle for universal intelligence –

The more I recognize the ego as merely a part of myself – one I can put on or take off at will

Like a garment

By changing my energetic state and experience, the facades of the ego can be exposed, released, and transformed.  This is where psychedelics can be a wonderful tool


The Entheological Paradigm

Nondual liberation and transformation mediated through psychedelic medicine  (particularly 5-MEO-DMT)

A form of therapy, as opposed to a spiritual practice or discipline

A guide to help me find, encounter, and be myself – free from illusion or confusion

Free from the dualistic confusion and attachment to illusion and beliefs

Nondual liberation is as simple as being myself – the real, universal me –

and letting my heart be open and loving, naturally

The Nondual Experience –

It so fundamentally changes my understanding and appreciation of the real world

that I am no longer trapped in it

I am able to see through the complex illusions of duality, of self and other, and see and experience it all as an ongoing play of the universal self, of God

There is just reality as it is – a unified being of infinite awareness that is playing with itself as an expression of itself

Everything and everyone in all places and times is merely God interacting with itself

and It is ME

It is NOT about getting me “out” of reality and the lived world

It is about being in it in a whole new way

It is all-consuming and a radical disjuncture from ordinary experience and perception

It is total, infinite, eternal, complete, unitary.  It is all or nothing

Once I experience it – – there is no going back – – I cannot unexperience it

Reality – – is experienced when the ego is transcended

Reality is – –  the play of a unitary consciousness and infinite expression of loving energy that is engaging with and experiencing nothing but itself

Because everything is in fact ONE at a fundamental level and there is not separation between any of its component parts

It is just raw, naked, unfiltered reality: infinite, eternal, total, ONE

Reality is – –  infinite, conscious, alive, unitary, and the energy of pure, unconditional, absolute love

It is God being itself, expressing itself, experiencing itself.  There is nothing that is not God

My Human Birthright – – – the most fundamental of all rights

To know and experience the true nature of my self – – who I am and what I am

Self- knowledge and the liberation and freedom that comes with it

Trumps all other rights, duties and laws

Ironic that the greatest tools to experience this right are illegal


5-MeO-DMT  – – –  (see pages 54-112 for the details of the work)

Is the only entheogen that can reliably introduce individuals to full nondual awareness and direct unitary experience

It reliably overrides the energetic structures of the ego and reveals the unitary nature of being

Which is what the ego persistently and consistently masks and conceals through attachment to the illusions of individuality

This is not a “spiritual” issue:  it is strictly an “energetic” issue

This is why it is important to relax, trust, and allow the experience

It is an invitation to relax and expand fully into ones true nature

It does not “create” the experience.  It functions as a tool that helps to “reveal” it

It is about what I feel and what I know as a result of what I feel

It is the direct and immediate experience of the feeling and the certain knowledge of the absolute unity nature of being

The experience is the most amazing thing possible for a human being to encounter

To achieve full nondual experience is fundamentally rewarding and satisfying in a way the nothing else can possibly match

It is exactly what I have been searching for and desiring my entire life

To experience the full nature of God, absolute freedom, total, unconditional love, boundless reality, pure energy, genuine being, and a full and swelling heart, overflowing with love, love, love, love.

What could be more healing, transformative, and life-affirming than that?

Defrags the Hard Drive – –

A full nondual reset – – so that I work better, faster, and cleaner

After flooding the entire system with the raging energy of pure love

Full Nondual Liberation –

Liberation from all forms of attachment, including thoughts, belief systems, self-concepts and various forms of conditionality.

Finding inner clarity

Ultimately, my liberation is equated with my ability to go with the energetic flow of reality in a capacity that is unimpeded by the ego

The entheogen is actually a form of energetic clearing and retraining of my experience of being

It is a process of learning how to simply be myself without any egoic tendencies getting in my own way and keeping me in a self-imposed prison of being

Becoming aware of the energetic distortions and holding of the ego is the first step to being able to consciously choose reality

rather than the imaginings and patterns of the confused ego

In order to be more attuned to authentic energy vs. egoic energy I can do the following:

  1. Always practice honesty

With myself –

I stop being so devoted to the stories and illusions I create within my mind and my belief systems

Stop being committed to believing things that I do not actually know to be true

“Faith” means that I believe something to be true for which there is no direct evidence

Everything I think about myself and reality is an illusion

Practice being more aware of this and more truthful

With others –

Start to be direct, honest, and open – say what I mean and mean what I say

In the long run I will be more healthier and happier

More in alignment with the true energy of reality rather that the illusory egoic constructs


Instead, I am taught to be dishonest, polite, nice, not make waves, take the easier route of white lies and half-truths

In order to ease the process of social interaction and maintain the carefully manicured illusions of culture, religion, politics, society

  1. Practice being more consciously symmetrical in my body

Everything that is going on inside me is always communicated by my body language, posture, and movements

Treat all of reality as one ongoing psychedelic experience, because it is

The psychedelic state is just one of amplified energetic experience

Trip-ups – the thoughts and beliefs that get in my way in the process of liberation

  1. Trying to “understand” and “making sense” of what is happening –

Let go of the need to create stories and make meaning of my experience using religious, spiritual, and metaphysical approaches

It is strictly the ego that wants to know

It wants everything to mean something

But it is not about “waking up” or “becoming enlightened”

Those are just ego-generated stories

The only relevant revelation is that I am God

  1. Conditional Loving = duality = ego

I could not love myself fully, so I created my ego in the form of what I thought was good

I looked to my parents, religion, and culture as the architect of my ego

I placed conditions on everything and sorted everything into good and bad, right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable

Then I became that thing – –

I looked on the outside to find myself, not on the inside

My new Reality –

God is everyone and everything and there is nothing that exists that is not God, and since that includes me, that means that I am everything.

Only by unconditionally loving everything can I truly love myself.

Only by truly loving myself, can I be free to be myself, however I am, and no matter what the circumstances may be

Only my willingness to love myself is needed

Everything is a direct expression of God that is united in infinite, unconditional love

Including ME

My personal heart is God’s heart, and God’s heart does not love conditionally

I have held my love hostage long enough through the prison of my ego

The Catch –  –  I must love IT ALL

The only realistic way to love myself and to love God is to love everything and everybody

There are no exceptions

It is the only way out of this egoic mess of conditional love

Everything is profoundly equal, for everything is God

I must love the good and the bad, the right and the wrong, the acceptable and the unacceptable

Genocide, war, hatred, disease, racism, greed, hypocrisy, stupidity, sexism

All of it, without exception, is just God doing its reality thing

Love requires no energy at all, Hate requires continual feeding and fueling

  1. Personal Preferences –

Loving everyone & everything is very different from personally liking everyone & everything

Unconditional love is a state of the heart.  Personal likes and dislikes are products of my personal experiences and values – they are choices that I make

The problem arises when personal preferences become universal absolutes

Being right, being good, being enlightened, or all knowing, all play into the narratives and illusions of the ego

If I don’t like something, it doesn’t mean any more than that

Discernment – is focused on me and my preferences

Judgment – is focused on the other

Genuine Personal Responsibility –

Knowing that I, and I alone, am responsible for myself and all my choices

That is true freedom

  1. The Need for Control –

The only thing that I have any real control over is my ability to choose to:

Live in clarity and presence

Through relaxing, trusting, and letting go

I am free to go with the energy of reality as it presents itself

and reasonably exert my personal preferences along the way

I allow everyone and everything else to be free as well

Because in fact, it is all me and there is no other


Live in confusion, illusion, and projection

Through my imposed programs of behavior, attitudes, and attachments

The more I try to control myself, or anyone, or anything, the more I am operating from my ego and my personal illusions and attachments


Imagine that God is a human being.  What form of religion or spirituality would this God-human participate in or feel drawn toward?  None!  What use would God have for religion or spirituality?  Religion and spirituality are just for egos.

The thing is, I am that God-human!  You are that God-human!

This is who we truly are.  It is what we have always been and what we will always be, no matter how confused or lost we are, because this is us!

THIS IS HOW I SEE IT . . . . . By Rick D.

This is how the world is – –

We are living in a lunatic asylum filled with zombies who think that they are awake

But they are actually in a deep sleep messing up their lives and messing up this planet

99.9999% of humanity are functioning as biological robots

They have no idea who they are

They have no idea what they want

They have no idea of the meaning or purpose in their life

They have been triggered by people and circumstances into predictable outcomes

Many years ago, I decided to pick up my visitors-badge and to just watch this show

Because, it would be very entertaining – –

if it wasn’t so heartbreaking

We have a world filled with ethnocentricity, racism, bigotry, hatred, prejudice, eco-                                          destruction, extinction of species, poisoning of the food chain, mechanized death, nuclear             weapons, and, basically, we are screwed

I have to say that, sooner or later, the cosmos, because it is a conscious cosmos, will decide that the human                 experiment has failed

It was an interesting experiment, but it has failed . . . .

In order to have even a remote chance of continuing – – we must remove all constructs

religious constructs, philosophical, theological, scientific, sexual, economic, political, and social –

All must be removed

We must experience that we are not our labels –

man, woman, job, race, rich, poor, beautiful, ugly, smart, stupid,                                                                                                conservative, liberal, religious, atheist,

People must experience that they are not their constructs

That they are the consciousness and awareness that has created these constructs by agreement

So long as you are rushing to conform to the collective psychosis of these constructs, you                                               are part of the psychosis and you are contributing to the havoc in the world.

It is the psycho-pathology of the average, the collective, which we call the norm

You have taken something with infinite possibilities and infinite creativity, the whole fundamental basis of evolution, the consciousness of the universe itself – and sacrificed it and reduced it down to your constructs and squeezed it into a body that you think is you in a limited lifetime

It is time to wake up –

But, after 40 years of teaching and 86 books,

I don’t know how many, if any, people will actually wake up

This whole human condition has been recycling through suffering, melodrama, fear, hysteria, and conflict for thousands of years, and managed to survive

Only now, extinction is a very clear possibility


Contrasting THE DIVINE SELF  and THE EGO SELF By Rick D.


THE DIVINE SELF is:                           THE EGO SELF is: 

Love                                                                   Fear 

The source of all Joy                                        The source of all Suffering 

 Open                                                                   Closed – expectations 

 In the present moment                                   In the past or future 

 Trusting of life                                                  Resisting of life 

 About letting go                                                About holding on 

 In a state of awe                                                 In a state of awful 

Open to all possibilities                                     Open only to limited possibilities 

Relaxed and Calm                                               Stressed and Anxious

ONE with All                                                         SEPARATE from All

About being                                                           About doing

Who I really am, was, and will be                     An illusion, a delusion, a false concept of self 

Authentic                                                                Fake

Accepting                                                                Judging

Eternal                                                                     Mortal

About Abundance                                                  About Lack

We                                                                             Me

About Feeling good                                              About Feeling bad

Infinite                                                                    Limited 

Willing to be wrong                                              Always has to be right

The Conscious Creator of everything               The Unconscious Creator of everything

YOUR CHOICE!!!  . . . in each and every moment!!


Becoming Enlightened By Rick D. 

(An interpretive outline by Rick D. of the Youtube video with Martin Ball and Leo Gura)

Martin Ball has his MA and PhD in religious studies from UCSB and is a Professor of Religious Studies in Oregon.  He has been studying and working with 5 MEO for years assisting many in experiencing the process and has written numerous books on the subject (martinball.net).  Leo Gura may be found at actualized.org..  The words in this outline are their words.

What is enlightenment?

Actual enlightenment is total freedom from the confines of the ego

and the clear experience of the true nature of the self as one with the Divine and all of the Universe

How psychedelics work

At the basic level, we are all vibratory beings.  These vibrations translate to frequencies and create resonance which are all different forms of ENERGY.  We are energy beings

Psychedelics are energens that alter my ability to perceive and experience energy

Ultimately they are an amplification and mirroring of the self

My psychedelic experience is always a reflection of my inner self

What it is that is going on inside of me

5 MEO is a tryptamine which is the basic building block of the neurotransmitter

Neurotransmitters activate receptor sites on the brain

My nervous and conceptual systems run off of them

Most psychedelics activate a broad spectrum of receptor sites in the brain

That is why there is such a variety of responses to the substance

Again, it is basically reflecting energetically what is going on inside me

5 MEO activates only the receptor sites on the brain that are most closely related to the ego

and individuated consciousness –  It overwhelms the ego

Because 5 MEO is naturally produced in the brain through the pineal gland and is therefore not a foreign substance, the brain recognizes it and lets it immediately pass the blood-brain barrier

The brain says “yes, give me more of that” and it bypasses the security checks

Because it so specifically targets the ego, 5 MEO is the most highly suited

psychedelic for experiencing non-duality and enlightenment

Why do people do psychedelics?

  1. Explorers – they want to experience different things inside and out

Seeking excitement and novelty, they will try anything – climb mountains, jump of bridges, etc.

  1. Fun Seekers – they want to enhance their sensory experience – have a good time
  2. Healing seekers – shamanistic experiences leading to healing or growth of some specific kind
  3. Enlightenment seekers – seek to experience the truth of oneness at the deepest level and be liberated from the ego and thereby to achieve enlightenment.  The non-dualists.


It is the strongest of the psychedelics

You go from normal perception at “0” to infinity in seconds

If you can relax the ego and surrender to the experience (many people cannot do this)

You actually “experience” the infinite nature of the self, God, and reality

(not just “understand” or “know”, but “experience” it at the deepest levels)

Where there is no subject or object – – just the pure nature of being

This is an “enlightenment experience”

The most common expressions during and right afterwards are: “Oh my God, that was it!!”

“Holy shit!”  “Whatever enlightenment is, that was it!”  “Wow!”

The self is freed from the prison of the ego

You experience extreme degrees of open-mindedness

The experience is most commonly described as “ineffable” – incapable of being put into words

Because words themselves are limiting and dualistic

The experience of being infinite cannot be described

because it is so far beyond anything else we have ever experienced

(Martins description of his process) – “It melted my whole body, not just mentally, but my heart through my whole body, like a whole body orgasm.”

“Do Nothing” – We are dealing with energy, so as you enter the experience know that the ego is a chronic controller and busybody and will try to take over, analyze, and ultimately use fear to keep control

Be aware of this as the observer and come back to neutral and rest your body in symmetry

Don’t try to figure it out – that’s the ego approach

“Do Nothing”

The more I relax the ego,

the more my body begins to speak on its own terms

the more my genuine energy is able to express itself

physically, mentally, emotionally, and verbally

There is nothing to do – JUST BE

Ride the wave all the way open and all the way closed

Stay relaxed, calm, and present all the way through the process in every moment

Then, after a few minutes, you come back and reintegrate to the ego

The structures of the ego reform – see below


It is a collection of patterns of energy stored over time in the body, from experiences from the past

These energy patterns are released when stimulated or trigger by outside events

A dog – when the door knocks he barks – it is a natural energy pattern

A person – I edit and censor my own natural energy patterns, thoughts & words

I create other energy patterns to get people to like me, to fit in, cultural

These energy patterns are not me, and are limited and not infinite

So they can be all overwhelmed by the energetic shock therapy of 5 MEO

With 5 MEO the ego finally says “I give up!”  The ego can “choose” to surrender and let go

No psychedelic can ever violate my free will

Because it is just an amplification of my self

So I can choose to go all the way – or not

I can choose to maintain the existing patterns of energy

If I choose “no”, the experience can be momentarily difficult

If I choose “yes”,  and surrender and relax,

I may experience infinite sources of unconditional love

It is like being at the top of the roller coaster

I can scream to stop and try to get off, or raise both arms high and go for it

THE GOAL is to deconstruct the patterns of the ego that create distortions, stored energy, and fear

Since this is usually in the abdomen, it may result in purging through vomit and diarrhea

Or may result in loud and boisterous behavior, anger, or acting out

Psychedelics help us let go of our shit –

They help us to let go of the carefully constructed life, partner, friends, and activities that we created in order to prop up the ego and all of its illusions

This self constructed story that fits my beliefs about myself and what I think I deserve and am worthy of

It is not who I really am and totally fucks up my life

Who I really am is what this is all about

I am the Universal Divine Consciousness

I can learn to live outside the illusory constructs of the ego patterns

I can become the observer of the ego

As I rest in symmetry, I see the patterns of the ego come to the surface

I can choose to let them go and live in no particular pattern

Then, instead of the ego being a prison in which I am trapped

It becomes a garment of clothing I can put on or take off at will

I learn to simply be true – committed to non-dual truth

I don’t commit my mind to things I don’t know for certain are true

Which is most things

I express myself openly, honestly, and clearly

Without editing or censorship

I don’t back away from what I truly think or feel

No more white lies – telling people what I think they want to hear

I cannot THINK my way out of the ego – because, “who is doing the thinking?” – the ego

The only way out of the ego is to stop and do nothing

Relax in symmetry, and be in the body to be in reality

THE 5 MEO EXPERIENCE –  NON-DUALITY – what it is we are seeking – why we do what we do

Non-duality at its fullest is the experience that everything is all one thing.  There is no separation as in the duality belief in right-wrong, good-bad, past-future, time-space, god-human, me-you,

us-them, this – other.  Not two, only one.

There is only one consciousness, only one being – god

It is everyone and everything and loves to interact with itself

A deep desire to discover absolute truth and to be liberated from the confines of the ego

We seek a full non-dual experience  (the following is Martin Balls experience of 5 MEO in his own words)

“I encounter the true nature of God as the infinity of all reality at once

All of reality is God experiencing himself through billions of people

And God is living through me

It is not a sense of emptiness or nothingness

It is the full infinite complexity of everything eternally and simultaneously

and it’s conscious, and aware, and alive

A full experience of truth and absolute infinity”

What I am after is direct consciousness

A direct portal of consciousness opens up

I feel and recognize that it is true – I know when I encounter truth, I feel it deeply

When I encounter truth, I release and feel the relief move over me and through me

I know that there is nothing to be afraid of

When I am energetically fully open, I can go into the non-dual experience with my arms wide open

I hold my body in perfect bilateral symmetry


INTEGRATING the non-dual experience of 5 MEO into real life

The process of non-dual liberation = enlightenment

I need to commit myself to becoming aware of the dual and non-dual nature of my self

Of the choices I am making

Of the vibrational energy I am experiencing

Am I being true to myself or compromising and editing myself

I need the non-dual experience to raise my awareness of my true self –

To see what is actually going on and how duality plays out in my life through the ego

The rest of it is fine tuning

Becoming more and more aware of the cloak of the ego

How I have constructed a character for myself

The ego tries to convince me that I am the character I play

I am not – I am the Universal Divine Consciousness

I rest within the infinite nature of the non-dual nature of self

I loosen the grip of the dual nature of my reality

It is all about personal development, self-actualization, and letting go of my attachment to the ego

I discover and experience my real, authentic self for the first time in my life

That self is a universal self that is the same for everyone – we are all one

It is not about finding a “calling” or “purpose” – that is the ego talking

The only purpose in life is to BE and to enjoy myself

                                                “The Dude Abides”

5 MEO opens me up to the really deep personal development work

It pours fuel on the personal development journey and speeds it up

Because now I actually have experienced where it is going

Not just “understand” or “know” but actually “experienced”

My eyes are now opened to the real possibilities.

It is like giving birth to myself each time I take it – with the trauma, and intensity

And then being born as the Divine Universal being that I have truly always been

After cleaning out the nooks and crannies of my belief system                                     The 5 MEO experience is deeper and more effective than any other methodology

It is an accelerator – not a short cut

I don’t “skip over” anything

I still have to go the same distance to get to enlightenment

I still go through the same shit – I just do it faster

In a way where I am more acutely aware of what is going on

It is challenging, and I must be vigilant that my ego doesn’t take me off into la la land

and new age bullshit

Each time I have an “enlightened experience” of absolute consciousness and true infinity, I realize that there is something more and I realize what that something more really is

Then the ego comes back pretty much like before –

but I am more aware of it and more open-minded

As the observer, I see how it dictates and manipulates my energy and thoughts and beliefs in order to control me and keep me from my real self

If I can observe it, I can LET IT COME AND LET IT GO

I feel free not to listen to it

Finally, over time and with enough “enlightened experiences”, the switch is thrown.

The ego cracks and says “it is what it is.” I AM one with the Divine and the Universe.

It is as if I am on 5 MEO all the time

The ego is off all the time, unless the character is needed for social purposes

I will never put myself in the prison of the ego again

Just put it on and take it off like a garment of clothing, smoothly, as I choose

Then I am Golden – I am finally done

(One of the most effective tools I have found for integrating the 5MEO experience into my day to day life

is the Law of Attraction as taught by Abraham Hicks in the videos on Youtube.  Just put in

“Abraham Hicks” and any subject you choose such as “love” or “money” or “relationships”, and

then listen to the 10 -15 minute segment.)

Using other psychedelics after using 5 MEO

You will have a totally different experience than previously – because your defenses are down

Just surrender to it, be vulnerable, open up to it by holding your body in symmetry

Let it be a full spectrum experience, across the board – another birthing

Mentally, energetically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually

Very efficient, just allow it to happen

FREEDOM AND TRUE LIBERATION  (the true goal is liberation from one’s own mental prison)

I just sit with myself and see what arises and happens

I simply flow with it and let it happen – it is a form of “actionless action”

I become the vehicle for the expression of that

But it is not based upon any intention or desire

Throughout the day, the more at peace I am, the more centered, present, and clear I am

The sweeter and richer and freer I am

It is just that simple, without ever getting in my own way


(It is said that in ordinary life the deadliest disease that has now infected mankind at the deepest level is – distraction.  One is constantly distracting oneself with things, events, plans, goals, expectations, and doing.   One would sit and create an intention and then create a plan to achieve the outcome one decided to achieve, and then go out and try to do it.  This is all the ego at work.  Not the true self at play.

As Dr. Phil would say, “How’s that working for you?”)

“If the doors of perception are cleansed

everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.”

William Blake – 1790

In 1953 Aldous Huxley wrote a book titled, “Doors of Perception” –

The book is all about his experience of Mescaline, also known as San Pedro and Peyote.

Jim Morrison named his musical group after the book

We all have the urge to transcend one’s self.

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