How to Microdose Drugs Based on What You’re Using

The world of microdosing is a lot bigger than just LSD or mushrooms. Researchers and users explain dosages, effects, and risks.

There’s no scientific definition of microdosing, but generally, it means taking 1/20th to 1/10th the usual dose of a drug. LSD and mushrooms are probably the most common choices, but the world of microdosing is a lot bigger (and wilder, and more colorful) than that. Drugs that might seem more intimidating, like DMT or mescaline, can be microdosed, too, if someone knows what they’re doing.

Different drugs have different effects, but there are some universal ways to mitigate their risks and increase their possible benefits. It’s always best to start on the lowest end of a dose, then work up the next time. One reason is that, since psychedelics are still unregulated in most places, people may not be consuming exactly what they think, said Peter Freed, assistant professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center. “The big concern is that when people are buying these substances themselves, they’re not getting high-quality stuff.”

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