A recent mushrooms-and-MDMA trip wasn’t elucidating in the way I’d hoped it might be. I chose to record myself doing psychedelics with a guide, hoping that when I listened back, I’d hear myself having major breakthroughs. What this actually sounded like, when I listened back: “It’s the second cumming—spelled with a U, because it’s on Pornhub!” The trip pretty much went on and on in a stream of explicit-ish babble. I have no idea what I meant—basically, I know just enough to feel embarrassed about it.

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Entheogen-assisted Healing

Taking entheogens can be like air travel: people do it all the time, it’s usually fine, but when it’s not fine, it’s sometimes very bad. We’ve been there. And that’s where an experienced GUIDE can make the difference in the outcome.
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