THIS IS HOW I SEE IT . . . . . By Rick Dolwig

This is how the world is – –


We are living in a lunatic asylum filled with zombies who think that they are awake

But they are actually in a deep sleep messing up their lives and messing up this planet

99.9999% of humanity are functioning as biological robots

They have no idea who they are

They have no idea what they want

They have no idea of the meaning or purpose in their life

They have been triggered by people and circumstances into predictable outcomes

Many years ago, I decided to pick up my visitors-badge and to just watch this show

Because, it would be very entertaining – –

if it wasn’t so heartbreaking

We have a world filled with ethnocentricity, racism, bigotry, hatred, prejudice, eco-                                          destruction, extinction of species, poisoning of the food chain, mechanized death, nuclear                                             weapons, and, basically, we are screwed

I have to say that, sooner or later, the cosmos, because it is a conscious cosmos, will decide that the human                 experiment has failed

It was an interesting experiment, but it has failed . . . .

In order to have even a remote chance of continuing – – we must remove all constructs

religious constructs, philosophical, theological, scientific, sexual, economic, political, and social –

All must be removed

We must experience that we are not our labels –

man, woman, job, race, rich, poor, beautiful, ugly, smart, stupid,                                                                                                conservative, liberal, religious, atheist,

People must experience that they are not their constructs

That they are the consciousness and awareness that has created these constructs by agreement

So long as you are rushing to conform to the collective psychosis of these constructs, you                                               are part of the psychosis and you are contributing to the havoc in the world.

It is the psycho-pathology of the average, the collective, which we call the norm

You have taken something with infinite possibilities and infinite creativity, the whole fundamental basis of evolution, the consciousness of the universe itself – and sacrificed it and reduced it down to your constructs and squeezed it into a body that you think is you in a limited lifetime

It is time to wake up –

But, after 40 years of teaching and 86 books,

I don’t know how many, if any, people will actually wake up

This whole human condition has been recycling through suffering, melodrama, fear, hysteria, and conflict for thousands of years, and managed to survive

Only now, extinction is a very clear possibility

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