Psychedelic Medicine Sustainability and Protections for Ancient Traditions

As demand grows, so will the questions around sourcing and sustainability of plant material or synthetic substances. Dwindling plant medicines is already a serious concern for peyote, ayahuasca, and iboga. In the end, this puts significant impact on the long-held traditions of indigenous peoples.

Conversations and regulated systems will need development and adherence, to ensure sustainability and toxin-free medicines. Moreover, there’s a need for specific protections for indigenous cultures’ ceremonial plant use, including the plants themselves. The Indigenous Peyote Conservation Initiative focuses on “empowering indigenous communities to reconnect with, regenerate, and conserve their sacred peyote medicine.” Meanwhile, the Chacruna Institute’s Council for the Protection of Sacred Plants advocates for protections of sacred plant medicines of indigenous peoples.

Decriminalization measures allow for personal growing and gifting of plants and fungi. Although, they do not give free rein to commercial growers to produce products for sale. Many speculate that magic mushrooms could follow a similar regulatory path as cannabis. However, so far the initiatives haven’t proposed mechanisms for certified growers, dispensaries, or medical cards for access.

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