Culture and Healthcare

Current Western culture and healthcare has by in large neglected the importance of emotional and spiritual well-being in physical and mental healthcare. This oversight has contributed to the growing epidemic of mental health and psychosomatic disorders. For years, many individuals have been forced to travel abroad to find healing systems that go beyond the current cultural paradigm. These individuals have traveled far and wide to learn and seek healing from, for example, Eastern spiritualists and more recently from Amazonian shamans. Many have done so in an effort to address problems that were not adequately addressed by the predominant healthcare system. entheoMedicine Event advocates for the use of Integrative Medicine and draws upon the experience of indigenous healers and spiritual practitioners from all over the world, in order to bring this healing modalities on the state.

EntheoMedicine Events is also working to build our community and help connect those interested in spiritually-minded support and healthcare resources. Many individuals are going through different forms of spiritual crises, growth and development. Support and guidance through these experiences aids in the integration of our spiritual selves and ourselves in the world, and supports overall health. For example, in the case of those who have traveled to the Amazon for spiritual healing with traditional ayahuasqueros, many individuals need continued support in order to make the most of and integrate their experiences once back home. Continued support from a network of spiritually-minded community members can help to move the culture forward and maximize healing.

EntheoMedicine Events is focused on demonstrating the value of spiritual healing in modern healthcare. Drawing from scientific research, clinical experience, and spiritual practice as an alternative our current disease management system.

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Entheogen-assisted Healing

Taking entheogens can be like air travel: people do it all the time, it’s usually fine, but when it’s not fine, it’s sometimes very bad. We’ve been there. And that’s where an experienced GUIDE can make the difference in the outcome.
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